All Ford Day

Hi everyone,

It’s almost time for All Ford Day again. As usual it is being held at Sydney Dragway at Eastern Creek. This year is on Sunday the 30th July 2017.

More details will be finalised and sent around a little later on, but just need to start and get our list sorted.

If you would like to display your car please let me know asap as the earlier we get the names and car sorted the better we can sort out our display.

Important info:

When: Sunday 30th 20-7

Where: Sydney Dragway, Eastern Creek

Time: approx meetup will be 6am (ish) and leave time for the show is 4pm.

I have put it up as a club event on the club members page. Please have a look and if you are planning on going, hit the “going” button on there as it’s a good way to get out information.

But.. just to make sure nobody is missed, could everyone that would like to attend please SMS me (not email) with the following details…

Member number:
Car colour:
Opened up: (Y or N)

Please note that memberships are also due, and to be able to display you must be a paid member. (This MUST be done before the day as it is impossible to get sorted in the morning of the show)
I will collect and start the list now, but I will be co-ordinating with heather over the next couple of weeks to see that everyone is a financial member.

One more thing to note, on members with multiple cars, we can accept more than one car… BUT.. we have 50 tickets and hope to fill all 50. With the amount of members we have that should be possible.. while it is a first in first served basis, we don’t want any members to miss out due to others entering more than one car, so I will take more than one at the moment and if it gets tight just note that you may be asked to just bring one.

Looking forward to another great All Ford Day..

Ben Schibeci
Vice President
FPV-Tickford Club of NSW


01. Ben Schibeci, FG Black F6
02. Derek Kitching, BA Green XR8, (open)
03. Nick Attard, BA Red GT (open)
04. Wayne Van Dyk, FG Black GTP (closed)
05. George Oskerko, BA Yellow GT (bonnet)
06. Dave & Bev Davies, FG Blue GT (closed)
07. Rob Maricic, FG Blue GT (closed)
08. Rob Maricic, BA Orange GT (closed)
09. Brian Bailey, AU White ute Open
10. Sam Giancotti, FG Red
11. Terry MacQueen, BA Citric XR8 (closed)
12. Steve Lamb, AU silver TE50
13. Matt Moroney, FG silver XR6t