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Membership criteria

Full Membership is open to persons who currently own/drive Ford motor vehicles originally enhanced by FPV, Tickford, or are a Ford XR variant.

FPV: From BA to current series (eg; GT, GT-P, GT-F, GS, F6, F6X, Typhoon & Pursuit Ute etc.)

FORD: XR6, XR8 from BA to current (XR6, XR6 Turbo & XR8 sedans & Utes)

TICKFORD: XR6 & XR8 from EB to AU (sedans & Utes including Pursuit version) ‘T’ Series cars (TE50, TL50, TS50) Tickford Fairlanes, EB & EL GT’s

Associate Membership is open to persons owning modified Ford Falcon’s who do not meet the criteria for Full Membership (Committee approval required)

Please download our Application/Renewal form here –

Click here for FPV-Tickford Club Membership Form

Potential members are welcome to come along to the monthly club meetings.