January 2017 – The Presidents Report

To all FPV Tickford Club of NSW Members.

Dear All,

Well Christmas and New Year have come and gone. No doubt you are all partied out. We now welcome 2017 with renewed enthusiasm (or not!).
December was a big month for Club activity.

McCredies was without a doubt the best attended one ever, FPV-Tickford people were spread across a number of tables at the Club. It’s really growing as a pure social event and we look forward to seeing it grow even more in 2017. For January it’s on tonight, January 3, and Ben has already circulated an sms about it.

Cars and Doughnuts was also a big turnout, and will be on again this Sunday, January 8

The display supporting the Homebush Supercars event was also a great success, as it always is. By car count we had just about half of the Club in attendance, so the turnout was sensational. And the icing on the cake was winning best display award, the third time the Club has won such a trophy in 2016.
In December I was also proud to invite the Club members to my home for the third “President’s Light Show”. By my estimation we had around 70 attend, Club members with their families, for a fun night of celebration, good cheer, dressing up and some Seven Hills snow !

On December 18 Mario & Craig organised a Club run to Bulli for breakfast. Again a very healthy attendance for what was a good day. This also included some members doing a cruise down to Kiama.

Finally on December 19 the boys, in association with a friend who runs Sydney and Melbourne charity cruises did a cruise to Bathurst. Around 5 cars attended that one which was encouraging considering it’s a busy time for many socially in the middle of the festive season.

So now on to January. Apart from McCredies and Cars & Doughnuts, there is a cruise and lunch up to the Gosford Car Museum on Sunday January 15. Mario & Craig have already circulated details about time and meeting place, and I’m pleased to say that this was organised as part of our reaction to the recent Club Member survey, this being a venue that we had a lot of members asked to be included as a Club activity. So far numbers look good for this cruise.

Looking past January, Ben has circulated details about interest in the February 4 & 5 for the Bathurst 12 hour. You would have seen Ben’s email as well as Facebook post, so please keep him updated if you are interested in going.

Also looking well past January Ben has also circulated details about interest in the November (date to be confirmed) Supercar event at Newcastle (remember, now moved to
Newcastle from Homebush). Personally I think this will be a sensational event, so please start giving it consideration, confirm with Ben and put it in the diary !

Many of you are now sporting the new Club shirts organised by Jackie. There are still a few to be distributed, and they look really good (especially the contrasting male and female styles). If you missed out on these, please let Jackie know as soon as possible so you can be included in the second round of ordering.

The Committee will also be meeting soon to set up all of the events and Club direction for the first half of 2017, and as soon as I have the results of this I will circulate. In addition to this you will still receive email, sms and Facebook notifications form Mario, Craig and Ben.

Keep up to date with Club emails, website www.fpvclub.com and Facebook FPV Tickford Club of NSW, both are being constantly updated with news about upcoming events and photos of past events.

You will now also receive an email with Member of the Month, this month it’s one of our longer term members, Brett Shannon.

Until then, happy safe driving and all the best for a great 2017.

Kind regards,
John Barbaro President, FPV Tickford Club of NSW