Dear All,
Happy Easter!! Hopefully everyone is having a great Easter Long Weekend.
Since the last Presidents letter there has been a few changes and a reshuffle of the committee, as Steve Lamb’s
letter out to all members explained, John Barbaro has decided to step down as president, as Vice President I
have now moved into the role of acting President.
Craig Elson was nominated by Steve Lamb and accepted to step into the role of acting Vice President.

All the committee thanks John for his time and great work spent as president and we hope to still see him
continue to enjoy the club and events as normal.

Mario Attard is also back in the events role (as per Johns previous email out) It’s great to have him back, he will
still work with Craig and have some club events up and running very shortly.
Besides the committee re-shuffle, normal club procedures etc will continue on as normal.
The full committee and contact information is available on the website, but just to give everyone a quick re-cap of
the committee until the June/July 2018 AGM please refer to the updated Contact Us page.


Combined Fords Club (CFC) delegate
We are still looking for a volunteer to take up this role. Please contact Steve if you would like any information in
regards to what is involved, but basically it is representing the club at the CFC meeting once a month and helping
them sort/organise the ALL Ford Day later in the year. We do need to sort this ASAP though.
As always, please get in contact with anyone from the committee if you have any suggestions/ideas for the club.

Just a reminder that we still have merchandise available, Jackets, Shirts & Hats. We are always looking to add
items to our merchandise, so feel free to suggest anything you think may be of interest to the club.
We do have a limited supply in stock (with samples to get sizing correct) and orders are able to be taken at any
time. Please contact Jackie for more information or if you would like any merchandise.

Events over march have been a little quiet but a few members got together and attended an annual charity car
show at Liverpool catholic club, this is always a good show and thanks to Craig for quickly getting it out on the
club page and getting some good numbers for this event.

As usual our club Social night/Meeting for April is coming up tomorrow night (April 3rd) at Crown on McCredies,
last month numbers were up from a quiet start to the year, so hopefully we get another great turnout this month
for a night out with other members. This usually kicks off around 7:30ish but members arrive anytime from 7pm
with a lot checking out the bistro at the club.

A big event coming up for club is the Annual Sussex Inlet Charity Car Show at Sussex Inlet Bowling Club on the
29th April. While the show day is only on the Sunday, the club takes the chance to turn it into a weekend away
every year. Numbers are very very good for this event and we now have the whole holiday units booked just for
the club. I think all accommodation is now full, but if you would still like to attend the show day there should be no
problems fitted more in.
Contact Steve for more information.

Early next month (Sunday 6th May) is another big event that is supported by the club. Craig Elson runs a Charity
Cruise to Mt Panorama through his Ford Performance Group facebook page. The FPV-Tickford Club has
supported his cruise for a few years now and we have a lot of members joining in for a great day. Please contact
Craig or refer to flyers on our club facebook page or his page for more information.

Mario and Craig are going to work together on some events and these will get out to all members as soon as
they are sorted.
Events is a tough position in any club as it involves a lot of organising but more so it requires the organiser to
100% have to be available and attend. An idea that came up at our committee meeting to help Mario and Craig
(or whoever is organising events) was to combine or join in with some other ones that are previously organised
on the internet or on facebook pages.

Depending on the event and notice we have, but the idea would be that if someone comes across or notices
something (committee or member) that looks interesting, we get it out to members that its on and a few might
attend and sort from there, we could still have a meet point and cruise for example but once there just enjoy the
day with someone else organising and running it.

Some examples that a few members have recently checked out and came back with feedback that they are
good, is the FPV GT Community of NSW facebook page. They run a few cruises that seem to be quite good. Just
an idea, but wanted to get it out so members know and don’t wonder why it isn’t a club event or its joined etc….
A couple more monthly events that many members attend, and while not official club events these are great to
get out to and enjoy.

– Sydney car and coffee (2nd Sunday of each month) – run by FPV club member Craig Oates (previously
paceway cars and coffee) this has now moved from Penrith Paceway to the Hubertus Country Club at
Luddenham. First time there this month.
– Harrys café de wheels end of month meet (last Saturday of each month) – this show is back on now
after a long break and is a great night out at Harrys Liverpool with heaps of cars on show and some great prizes.

Ben Schibeci
Acting President
FPV-Tickford Club of NSW

Important Dates
Club Meeting/Social night Tuesday 3rd April Crown on McCredies – CLUB EVENT

Sydney Cars and Coffee Sunday 8th April, Hubertus Country Club,
Luddenham – Club supported event

Harry’s Café de wheels Saturday 28th April Homemaker Centre,
Liverpool – Club supported event

Sussex Inlet Car Show Sunday 29th April Sussex Inlet Bowling
Club, Sussex Inlet – CLUB EVENT

Ford Performance Group of NSW Charity Cruise
Sunday 6th May Cruise to Mt Panorama – Club supported event