Letter From The President, August 2018

Hi Members,

Welcome to the August Presidents letter, you may have noticed that July was missed, this was because nothing
big happens in July… well not really, July is just the biggest and busiest month with organising the All Ford Day
and I just didn’t get a chance to get a letter out.

Memberships have now been all sorted and renewed, thanks to everyone for getting this sorted out quite easily
this year, which saved us chasing around before all ford day.

Members gift 2018-2019. As mentioned at All Ford Day, this year the members gift will be a club t-shirt.
The t-shirts look great and will be screen printed with the club logos.
We will need to get a t-shirt size for everyone. Please contact Scott (merchandise) to get a size put next to your
name and we can put in a bulk order as soon as possible to get these out to everyone.
We have some sample plain shirt for sizing that we can make available over the next few events.

We have also had some great news with extra committee members.
Sam Giancotti and John Dickinson have volunteered to join the committee in the role of events co-ordinators. Big
thanks to the guys for giving this a go and we are looking forward to having them on the committee.

That only leaves the positions of webmaster and CFC delegate still open. Ben Morgan has been filling in and
looking after the webmaster role and Steve Lamb has been doing the CFC delegate position, both doing great
jobs, but if anyone is interested please contact me as we would like a couple of extra members to help out if

Updated 2018 Committee list
President Ben Schibeci
Vice President Rob Maricic
Secretary Steve Lamb
Treasurer Jackie Fredericks
Membership Meg Maastricht
Events Sam Giancotti / John Dickinson
Webmaster Ben Morgan (Still open please contact me if interested or for more information)
Comms & IT Ben Morgan
Merchandise Scott Tremlett
Equipment Derek Kitching
CFC Delegate Steve Lamb (Still open please contact me if interested or for more information)
General Committee Craig Oates, Kate Clark

Facebook Club Members Page
For any members on Facebook, the club has a member’s only page setup, if you would like to be added to this
closed page/group, please search “FPV-Tickford Club of NSW Members Group” and request to be added, which
will then be done by a page admin.
If we can get the majority onto the page it can help with info out and events etc. (we won’t be using just the page
though we will continue to email/SMS out all information for everyone)

Event Recap
Only 1 event to catch up on for July, but a massive one it is. All Ford Day, as usual it was a great day, we had 48
members cars on display this year and every one of them looking awesome!!!
Big thanks to all in the committee for all the work in the lead up to the day and all the sorting on the day. There
were also many members that helped with sorting/parking cars, setting up shades, helping with CFC parking and
gate money collecting. Big thanks to everyone, it all went really well and was our best all ford day yet.
HUGE congratulations to club member Nick Attard. Nick got 1st place in the CFC concours with his awesome
Red BA GT.
The CFC supplied us with 2 trophies to award to members on the day, we had some representatives from the GT
owners club do the judging for us and congratulations to Tracy Mahon (black Force 8 ) & Bruce Hart (white AU
Tickford Fairmont) both well-deserved winners.

While not official club events, some others that are always great mornings/nights out include Sydney cars and
coffee and Harry’s end of month meet, both events always have huge numbers of cars to check out and a
number of members that regularly attend.

Supercars had the first “Supernight” race under lights over the weekend. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get an
area to display this year, it was an awesome day/night and crowd numbers were right up so I assume they will
have this for a few more years to come. Hopefully we can get our regular area back next year and have the cars
on display.


Just a reminder that we still have merchandise available, Jackets, Shirts & Hats. As well as our new club
umbrellas and beanies.

We are always looking to add items to our merchandise, so feel free to suggest anything you think may be of
interest to the club.
Please contact Scott for more information, prices or information on ordering.


Events for August……….
Tonight is the monthly club social night/get together at Crown on McCredie. While not formal club meeting, it is a
good chance to meet up, have some dinner and/or a drink and get to know other members.

Rob is currently in contact with Wakefield Park Raceway regarding us having a small display at the next round of
the TA2 racing series on Saturday the 18th August. For those not familiar with TA2 it’s a muscle car based series,
including Mustangs, Camaro’s and Dodge racing cars that have a sports sedan/nascar type look. It’s a great
series, but even better a chance for a good day out with a bit of everything, cruise down to Goulburn, Display
during the day and some dinner in town before heading home. Should be a great day, more details to come as
soon as he hears back from the event organisers.

Club cruise and BBQ……
Keep a lookout for emails out regarding a club cruise and BBQ by our new events co-ordinators, Sam and John
are keen to have a relaxed day with a small cruise and easy BBQ lunch to introduce themselves and kick things
off, would be great to get great numbers to this one and show everyone’s support for the guys.
Details to come but looking to be Sunday 26th August

Cars and Coffee and Harry’s end of month are a couple more monthly events that many members attend, and
while not official club events these are great to get out to and enjoy.

If anyone comes across any events on Facebook or the internet that they think look good, please let someone in
the committee know or post them up on the club members Facebook page and we can turn them into a club
event/get together

Ben Schibeci
FPV-Tickford Club of NSW