Letter From The President, February 2018

Letter from The President, February 2018

To all FPV Tickford Club of NSW Members.
Dear All,
It’s already been said to me 10 times today, “can you believe it’s February already”!
For those with kids, all now back to school. For those who follow the racing, launches
almost every day. For a lot of us, just another month !

McCredie’s was a quiet one for January, probably a lot of people away from home.
Let’s make February’s a big night though, I look forward to seeing as many as
possible there on Tuesday February 6.

Paceway Cars & Coffee was still well attended in January though, as we always
expect. For February we will see you there on Sunday February 11.

The only other Club event for February is the Club display and attendance at the
Bathurst 12 hour race. This is always a guaranteed good weekend and will no doubt
be enjoyed by those who are going up there.

Other events to note are the Sussex Inlet charity show weekend scheduled for April
28/29 and our support of Craig Elsen’s Bathurst Leukemia Foundation cruise on May
6. Information on both of these has been circulated.

You can keep up with any other scheduled events by either my monthly letter, the
website www.fpvclub.com, Facebook page FPV-Tickford Club of NSW, plus emails
and sms notifications.

The Committee recently met to plan our first 6 months of this year, and to review the
results of the 2018 survey. Both of these components help the Committee tremendously
in setting Club agendas and strategies, and you will hear of these as time goes on. The
survey in particular helps us understand the needs of the members and helps us in a
range of areas from event request, what members enjoy about the Club,
communications and preferred merchandise.

As I advised you all in January, we have a vacancy on the Committee for an Events
organiser. While we have racing supports and charity events organised by other Club
and Committee members, we still need to have someone take on the role to organise
other monthly activities. As you will all agree, Mario Attard is without doubt a hard
act to follow, but if anyone in the Club has the ambition to be considered for this role,
please put your name up to me as soon as possible.

One other role we have available is that of CFC representative (Combined Ford
Clubs). Currently held by Secretary Steve Lamb, Steve is looking to pass on the
responsibility of representing our Club with the combined clubs. Again, if this is any
interest to you, please let me know directly.

You will now receive another email with Member of the Month. This month I have the
pleasure of introducing to you Committee member, Webmaster, paparazzi and all
round good guy Grant “Boothy” Booth. Grant is relatively new to the Club and drives
a very neat beast. He regularly drags us to boat ramps to photograph our cars and as
Webmaster carries on the good work started off by our previous Webmaster Brian
Bailey. Read and enjoy.

For now, kind regards,
John Barbaro
President, FPV Tickford Club of NSW