To all FPV Tickford Club of NSW Members.
Dear All,
So it’s March already, and for those of you who follow it, Supercar season starts this
weekend. Ford’s year finally ? Stronger line-up with 8 cars on the grid and some
good quality drivers. Bring it on.

We had a big turnout at McCredies in February, and hope to have the same in March.
For March it’s Tuesday the 6th

Paceway and Coffee in February was nothing short of enormous, cars spilling out
everywhere. Such a great event and a credit to Craig Oates, in March it’s Sunday the

The club show at the Bathurst 12 hour was small yet a good weekend from what I
hear. Always a popular event we look forward to more contribution in 2019.
Reminders on two other events coming up. April 28/29 is the annual Sussex Inlet
Charity Car Show. As always, response to this is huge. I believe Steve only has limited
spaces available, so if you still would like to go, get in quickly.

Following that is Craig Elson’s Leukemia Foundation Charity run to Bathurst on May
6. Another great event and without doubt will be well supported. We are planning a
new merchandise item to be sold at these two events, I’ll confirm with you as soon as
their production is confirmed.

Our Facebook page last month pointed out an article in Muscle Car Magazine. The
article was replicating the cars and photos from back in the 1960s, comparing the old
cars to new. The magazine also had a double page spread promoting the Club.

A while ago the Committee suggested that, as well as having Member of the Month,
we would promote a Supplier of the Month. This would be a supplier that a Club
member has used for a certain job and would recommend. This will show
appreciation for a recommended supplier, as well as helps other Club members who
may be looking for someone to do a similar job.

This month it’s Griff Steering and Suspension at Arndell Park. Read all about him in
the attached email following.

If you have used someone who you would recommend for a car related job, I welcome
and encourage you to make contact with me through the month so I have time to put
together a profile and photo to go out with the monthly newsletter.

So, for Member of the month for March. Known by all is Mario Attard. Read more
about Mario in the following email, a man who could be a three time member of the
Club with three beautiful FG-Xs. Doing his interview was probably one of the most
fun I have had for a while ! Enjoy

Until next month,
Kind regards,
John Barbaro
President, FPV Tickford Club of NSW