Member of the Month Derek Kitching

Member Profile, May 2017
Member Name: Derek Kitching
Membership Number: 137
Member since: Sep-07
Life status: Single

Occupation: Factory Hand for Prepacked Carton Meats
Age: 44
Birth month and star sign: December , Sagitaruis
Nick name: Not really, he’s just good old “Derek”
Do you hold a club position: Yes, Equipment Manager
What drew you to the Club: Word of mouth through a friend
Vehicle: XR-8
Year: 2004
Kilometers travelled: 190k
Colour:  What would you expect……………………GREEN
How long have you had it for: 12 years
New/second hand: Second hand
Modifications done:  Where do we start, he modestly says too many to list but we all know it has a super SOUND SYSTEM (with questionable music!!)
Modifications planned: Maybe work to the motor if anything
FPV/Tickford history: A 2002 AU XR-8
Future FPV/Tickford purchase planned: He talks about it and could be tempted one day
Favorite car: Shelby Cobra
Dream car: He says too may, but one is a new Ford GT-40
What sport/motorsport do you follow: Supercars mostly, occasionally the drag racing Who is your hero: He’s happy to admit he doesn’t have one ! Other interests: Mostly car related interests