Letter from The President, May 2017

To all FPV Tickford Club of NSW Members.

Dear All,

Well I can continue with my indulgence in starting the monthly letter with a note on the Supercar scene, but with the results coming like they are now, it makes my pleasure even greater. Sensational performances by both DJR Team Penske and now also PRA Australia are definitely getting the better of 888 Racing. With 3 rounds now run, Ford hold 1st, 3rd, 5th 7th and 8th in the series, half of the top 10. This is no fluke guys, my tip is a number of Fords will fight for the Championship this year. You read it here first !

And now for Club business. McCredies social night will be on this Tuesday May 2. As strong as ever and always a good night. Ben will send a reminder out in advance.

In April Cars & Doughnuts became Paceway Cars & Coffee, and was an absolutely resounding success. To my mind, a nicer and more interesting venue than before, and to Craig Oates’s credit, the first event there went seamlessly. Seems like all of the fears that the event may stop because of the old venue not being available any more were unfounded. What a great upgrade for the event. For

May it will be May 14, Mother’s Day, but nothing seems to be able to stop this event.

Wrapping up previous events, we had the opportunity to present the Leukaemia Foundation with the cheque from the Bathurst cruise. A total of $7,600 was the donation. Once again a credit to Craig Elson for his huge effort in organising, as well as everyone who contributed in the lead up and on the day. You can see photos from this presentation on the Facebook page.



In April we also made a contribution to the Kool Kruisers at Liverpool Catholic Club. A total of around 10 Club members attended and again, and as always, did us proud.

Also in April was one of our standout events, the Sussex inlet charity car show. Originally shelved due to the local RSL Club not wanting to be involved any more, the local Bowling Club stepped in and provided everyone with a show that was everything you could want for. We had around 19 Club cars on display and made our contribution a great one as always



Finally, April 30 we squeezed in another cruise, the All Ford Musters Show and Shine at Thornton with a small but important core group attending.



May events are still being decided on, so keep an eye out on emails and on the Facebook page for updates.

The new website is pending, and from what I have seen of Brian’s early testing, you will be very impressed indeed. I look forward to this being available soon and we will let you know as soon as it is.

The new Club caps have also been ordered and will be available soon, as with the proposed Club jacket which will be available hopefully by All Ford Day. Jackie has also circulated details about a new Club jacket which should be available for All Ford Day.



As always, keep up to date with Club emails, the soon to be updated website www.fpvclub.com and Facebook FPV Tickford Club of NSW.
Here you can confirm when events are being scheduled and, receive updates, as well as seeing loads of photos from the events that are organised.

You will now also receive an email with Member of the Month. This month it’s Derek Kitching. As you all know, whenever we have an event when we have the trailer and equipment with us it’s always pristine and all geared up………all the work of our Derek. As you all know too, he’s the one with the green car that wins awards on a regular basis ! Enjoy reading his profile.

Until next month, stay safe,

Kind regards,
John Barbaro President, FPV Tickford Club of NSW