Member Profile February 2018

Member Name: Grant Booth
Member since: Mar-17
Life status: Long term partner Joanna
Occupation: Truck driver for Australia Post
Age: 28
Birth month and star sign: September, Virgo
Nick name: Boothy
Do you hold a club position: Yes, Webmaster
What drew you to the Club: A chance to cruise with some top notch cars
Vehicle: FPV F6E
Year: 2010
Kilometers travelled: 78k
Colour: Lightning Strike (fancy name for silver!)
How long have you had it for: Just over a year
New/second hand: Second hand
Modifications done: Turbo oil feed line
Modifications planned: Modifications to make it a 330kw beast !
FPV/Tickford history: Had a BA MkII XR-6 turbo a few years back
Future FPV/Tickford purchase planned: Plan to keep this beast for a long while yet !!
Favorite car: Shelby GT500/Elanor
Dream car: McLaren P1 GTR
What sport/motorsport do you follow: Supercars, Formula 1, speedway
Who is your hero: He feels he has too many good blokes to choose from !
Other interests: Photography, remote control cars