Member Profile January 2018

Member Name: Ben Clarkson
Member since: Jun-17
Life status: Married to Bee, with 2 daughters
Occupation: Truck owner driver
Age: 44 (but he cringed when I asked him !!)
Birth month and star sign: August, Virgo (he says it means he gets on with everyone)
Nick name: Clarky
Do you hold a club position: No
What drew you to the Club: Introduced by neighbour Matt Szabo (he was December
member of the month)
Vehicle: FG GS, the only GS in the Club
Year: 2010
Kilometers travelled: 94k
Colour: Sensation (figures he would have a car that colour !!)
How long have you had it for: 1 year
New/second hand: Second hand
Modifications done: Nothing yet
Modifications planned: Exhaust, tune, lowering
FPV/Tickford history: This was his first, but liked Tickford since his Cortina days
Future FPV/Tickford purchase planned: Still enjoying this one but maybe one day a GT-F
Favorite car: Porshe GT3 911
Dream car: AC Cobra
What sport/motorsport do you follow: Tennis is his first love, Supercars
Who is your hero: His Dad, he taught him so much in life and career
Other interests: Water skiing, 4 wheel driving, cruising with the Club
Member Profile, January 2018