Member Profile March 2018

Member Name: Mario Attard
Member since: Was a member back in 2001/2, rejoined in September
Life status: Life partner of Roanne, and son Marcos who we all know
Occupation: Window fabricator
Age: 50
Birth month and star sign: June, Gemini
Nick name: Marv
Do you hold a club position: Events Manager
What drew you to the Club: A long term Tickford fan
Vehicle: FG-X XR6 Turbo, FG-X XR-8, FG-X XR-8 Sprint
Year: 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively
Kilometers travelled: 28k, 31k, 1.2k respectively
Colour: Smoke, Aero Blue, Kinetic respectively
How long have you had it for: 3 years, 3 years in June, 2 years in June respectively
New/second hand: All bought brand new
Modifications done: Suspensions and wheels (and he is notorious for only
keeping wheels for 6 months then selling them on)
Modifications planned: None really, maybe the exhaust on the XR-8
FPV/Tickford history: EL XR-8 manual, AUII XR-8 manual, TS-50 T3 manual, BA
GT-P manual,
Future FPV/Tickford purchase planned: Does this man not have enough as it is ??????
Favorite car: The XR-8 Sprint he currently owns
Dream car: 1967 GT-40
What sport/motorsport do you follow: Rugby League (mighty Eels supporter), Supercars,
Who is your hero: Didn’t hesitate, the “Old Man”, he bought up the family
single handed
Other interests: Slot cars, cruising, car shows, collecting Sprint spare parts,
collecting diecast models, but most of all having a good laugh and good time with mates.