Member Profile May 2018

Member Name: Ben Morgan

Member since: May 2004

Life status: Passionately Single

Occupation: Transport, NSW Manager


Birth month and star sign: April. Taurus, hardly surprising..

Nick name: Too many, and none appropriate for print..

Do you hold a club position: Have being Treasurer, Webmaster, Events, and now general helper

What drew you to the Club: Common interests and cruises, good mates and laughs.

Vehicle: FG-X XR8, Manual

Year: 2015

Kilometres travelled: 14000

Colour: Kinetic (Blue)

How long have you had it for: Since new.

Modifications done: Pump, Tune and 6/4 Brembo’s.

Modifications planned: Injectors, Snout &Pulley, Intercooler.

FPV/Tickford history: BA XR6 Turbo, BA MKII XR6, BF XR6T Ute, FG XR50

Future FPV/Tickford purchase planned: Nothing unless they start making real cars again.

Favorite car: XB Coupe, XE ESP, VK Group A, HT/G Monaro, E49 M3, E46 M5, VE 1 R8.

Dream car: Got it, but a M4 or M5 in manual will do nicely. Failing that something clevo powered.

What sport/motorsport do you follow: Moto GP,

Who is your hero: Donald Trump. If you know me, you’ll understand.

Other interests: Mad GSXR rider and love my track days. Do them regularly. Self confessed mechanic
and love it. Shyte stirrer and love a laugh and cruises. Best known for being obnoxiously outspoken
about car shows.