Member Profile October 2017

Member Name: Eric Maastricht
Membership Number: 164
Member since: Jan-09
Life status: Married to Meg, also well know to the Club
Occupation: Printer
Age: 50
Birth month and star sign: April, Taurus
Nick name: Serial Pest !
Do you hold a club position: Sub Committee
What drew you to the Club: Introduced by Steve Lamb
Vehicle: FG R-Spec
Year: 2012
Kilometers travelled: 8k
Colour: Winter white
How long have you had it for: 5 years
New/second hand: New
Modifications done: Nothing apart from some cosmetics, doesn’t need it
Modifications planned: Tune, coil over suspension, intercooler
FPV/Tickford history: BF GT, BF GT Cobra
Future FPV/Tickford purchase planned: None
Favorite car: XC Cobra
Dream car: GT 40
What sport/motorsport do you follow: Supercars, Formula 1
Who is your hero: Jack Brabham, man of many talents
Other interests: Holidaying, travelling, snow skiing, cycling