November 2016 – The Presidents Report

Letter from The President, November 2016

To all FPV Tickford Club of NSW Members.

Dear All,

Well I’m all back on track this month, first of the month and you get the monthly letter, you should be able to set your watch on it.
Again I will start with the passion of many, the Supercar racing, but sadly not with excitement. Neither Bathurst nor Gold Coast were good for us in any way, so I will shut that conversation down quickly.

I’ll start as usual with the McCredies night. It’s on tonight, November 1, and while you would not have got this email by then, Ben always sends his reminder message by sms. While we get good turnouts for the night, it seems like the same core group comes all of the time. So here’s the challenge. The nights are warmer, the days are longer and it’s a much improved venue, so if you haven’t been for a while, come and join us. It’s optional whether you eat or drink or not, and you can come and go as you wish, it’s 100% social and a very relaxed night. There are no reading of agendas and minutes, just 100% fun. So come join us !

Craig’s Cars & Doughnuts was again successful even though it was on Bathurst Sunday. It’s all on again Sunday October 9.

For everyone’s interest, the Committee met again last Sunday, as it does every 6 months, to table the next half year and to make sure that the Club is on track for the needs of the members. All Club issues were discussed and tabled, and we will pass this on to members in every way possible.

On events, Mario and Craig have a range or varied events planned for the rest of this year and the first half of next. Stay tuned and make sure you read through any emails you receive from “Events”, they will be from Mario & Craig so don’t miss out ! In November they have already promoted the “End of an Era” Car Show at Port Macquarie on the weekend of 12 & 13 November, and are proposing a Pizza Run for Saturday 19 November

Sunday 27 November will be the Club’s combined annual Show and Shine combined with Christmas party at the Springwood Country Club. Invitations and details will come from the Boys very soon.

The weekend of 3 & 4 December will also be the weekend of the Supercar racing and display at Homebush. Promoted and organised by Ben Schibeci, make sure that you apply to Fastline as soon as possible and confirm your entry with Ben so he can allocate space and layout.

In addition to these, and following on from a successful 2015 event, December 11 will be the return of “The President’s Light Show” at my home. Stay tuned for details.

I’m really pleased to share with you some information from the Club survey Mitchell organised for me. We had 44 respondents in total, about two thirds of the Club, and the
feedback was really helpful to us. We will feed of this information to plot the direction of the Club.

To Summarise:

When asked what they enjoyed most of the Club, we had 54% enjoyed social nights 90% enjoyed car shows 73% enjoyed cruises 73% enjoyed Supercar supports

Remember respondents were able to nominate more than one thing

When asked what they’d like to see more of, you said More socials 25% More displays 46% More cruises 42% Track days 47% Dinners 35% Weekends away 37% Saturday cruises 42% Sunday cruises 42% Night cruises 35% 97% of respondents believed they will still have a Club relevant car in 5 year’s time 78% of respondents said they didn’t want the vehicle criteria for the Club to be changed.

Suggested events for the Club were Hunter Valley wine cruise More raffles Melbourne trip/Melbourne All Ford Day Gosford car museum (5) Maintenance workshops More Supercar events than SMP and Homebush (Bathurst 1000, 12 hour, Gold Coast) Sydney dam site bbqs Charity events Port Macquarie show (already done) Overnight cruises to ACT/Bathurst/North or South Coast/Southern Highlands Thunderbolts Way

We will look at all of these and see how we can fit them into the Club Schedule over the next year.

Following on from this email you will receive the November “Meet the Member”. For those who don’t know him, this month will our joint Events Manager Craig Elson. Find out more about him soon !

As ever, keep up to date with Club emails, website and Facebook FPV Tickford Club of NSW

Until next time, safe driving and hope to see many of you at an event soon

Kind regards,
John Barbaro President, FPV Tickford Club of NSW