September 2016 – The Presidents Report

Letter from The President, September 2016

To all FPV Tickford Club of NSW Members.

Dear All,

So spring has finally arrived, the days will gradually get longer and warmer, and before we know it we will have daylight saving back. Relief !

Let me get straight to the news for the month.

As I said last month, the Club Annual General Meeting was held alongside the McCredies monthly social. It was s solid turnout for sure, and not only did we put the Committee to the vote, we had 2 special awards. Firstly we acknowledged Steve Lamb’s ongoing commitment and contribution to the Club with a life membership, we also acknowledged Derek Kitching’s generous contribution to the Club.

As far as the Committee was concerned, it was largely unchanged from last time except for Jackie Frederick taking over from Sam on merchandise, Brian Bailey takes over from Jackie on website, and Mario Attard and Craig Elson jointly taking over from Craig on events. We also welcome new member Shaun Quee on to the subcommittee. Obviously we thank all of the Committee members for their previous contributions and wish the new ones all the best in their new or ongoing roles.

For September, McCredies goes back to it’s normal form on Tuesday September 6

As ever, Cars & Doughnuts was a good day in August and will be on again on September 11.

A few other events were held in August. On August 7, our Club made a contribution to Fords in the Park at Minchinbury with around 10 cars, and managed to walk off with 2 awards for Derek Kitching and Kate Clark.

We also used Cars & Doughnuts in August to springboard what has become a very popular event in our calendar, our High Tea at Bowral. After Coffee and glazed doughnuts at Penrith we had an easy cruise to Bowral with around 18 cars, for about 30 people to attend the high tea. After High Tea everyone had the chance to relax in the courtyards and winery are before the short trip home.
It’s a great event and one not to be missed next year. Special thanks to Heather for arranging this day.

On August 27/28 we also had our two days of displays at Sydney Motorsport Park supporting the Supercars event. As always, we had a great turnout for this event, 32 cars, almost half of the Club in attendance. As always, our cars all looked great and we easily outnumbered any other display on the weekend. For this one special thanks to Ben Schibeci for co coordinating, as well as everyone who pitched in on the day with setting up cars, shade houses and display gear.

Working hard on their new joint portfolio, Mario and Craig are currently calling for interested parties to join in on the Lugarno Spring Fair on September 18. Another popular event from last year, they currently have over 10 cars attending. An update email went out recently, so if you are interested, please make contact with Mario and Craig as soon as possible.

Continuing with our “Meet the Member” series, after this email you will receive our September issue, Wayne “Swifty” Van Dyk. Many will already know this big character, here’s your chance to get to know him a little better !

As you will see, I have finally also mastered pdf files, so more of you will be able to read both these, and my monthly letters

We have also circulated the Club survey last month, and so far we have had a great response. If you haven’t already replied to the survey do so now before we close it off and table the results. Once the Committee has gone through these results I will circulate what the feedback has been and what we will do with it.

There have been some updates to the Facebook page FPV Tickford Club of NSW, so log into that to get any updates and a load of pictures from recent events. Also we have been updating the website with some more to come, so keep in touch with as well.

Until October, happy safe driving,

Kind regards,
John Barbaro President, FPV Tickford Club of NSW