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Who we are?

We are a social group of Ford enthusiasts with a common interest in modern performance vehicles manufactured and sold by the Ford Motor Company in Australia.

Our members vehicles are cars enhanced by Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV), Tickford and the Ford ‘XR6’ & ‘XR8’ range.

We do have plans to include ‘performance’ variants of the new cars to be sold here after the factory closure of Ford Australia Manufacturing in 2016.

Planned events are held monthly or bi-monthly consisting of cruises, driving, socialising and having BBQ’s or planned sit down meals at cafe’s or restaurants as part of the day’s activities.

Other events also include social weekends away, drive-in, bowling nights and many other social activities.

We are also involved in a number of Charity fund raising events each year and actively attend select V8 Supercar rounds including the Muscle Car Masters, and other similar events where we can display our cars as a club.

Who we are?

Our passion is to Drive, Preserve, Modify and Display our Ford Performance Cars and enjoy the benefits of owning these great vehicles.

Monthly social meetings

A monthly social evening is held on the first Tuesday night of each month. These social nights are held at the Crown On McCredie Hotel, Cnr Fairfield & McCredie Roads, Guildford. Members will also receive a confirmation reminder text a couple of days before each Social Night.

Please check out our calendar for details of next meetings and events

Membership criteria

Full Membership is open to persons who currently own/drive Ford motor vehicles originally enhanced by FPV, Tickford, or are a Ford XR variant.

FPV: From BA to current series (eg; GT, GT-P, GT-F, GS, F6, F6X, Typhoon & Pursuit Ute etc.)

FORD: XR6, XR8 from BA to current (XR6, XR6 Turbo & XR8 sedans & Utes) TICKFORD: XR6 & XR8 from EB to AU (sedans & Utes including Pursuit version) ‘T’ Series cars (TE50, TL50, TS50) Tickford Fairlanes, EB & EL GT’s

Associate Membership is open to persons owning modified Ford Falcon’s who do not meet the criteria for Full Membership (Committee approval required).

Potential members are welcome to come along to the monthly club meetings.

HISTORY – FPV-Tickford Club of NSW


At a glance:
Formed 1998 First Committee 1999
Original name Tickford Owners Club NSW
Constitution Tickford Owners Club NSW established 2000
First AGM Tickford Owners Club NSW 2002
Combined Fords Club member since 2002
Name change to FPV-Tickford Club NSW officially January 2003
Constitution changed to allow FPV vehicles as part of club 2003

Presidents. Past to present.
Simon Moran 1998-2000
Jeff Morgan 2001-2001
Chris Patmore 2002-2004
Graeme Baird 2004- 2005
Rob Tadich 2005 -2006
Paul Vaughn 2006-2015
John Barbaro 2015 – 2018

Ben Schibeci 2018- 

Long term Committee members:
Steve Lamb Club Secretary 2002-
Ben Schibeci Vice President 2002-
Ben Morgan Treasurer 2006-2015



The FPV-Tickford Club NSW was formed by a group of 3 like-minded people. The founding members were Simon Moran, Mike Hanson and Sam Castelli. Simon started looking for a car club when he purchased his first new vehicle a White XR6 in 1997 and could find nothing in NSW so he was originally a member of the Victorian XR8 XR6 club.

The president of that club eventually put him in touch with Mike Hanson and that was the start of the club. All this was around 1998/99 and the club began as the Tickford Owners Club of NSW.

The first meeting was with Simon Moran, Sam Castelli and Mike Hanson and was in a car park in North Sydney in 1998 with a follow up meeting being again in a car park at Parramatta with attendees being Simon, Mike, Sam and some new recruits in Tim Young, Kon Kabilafkas and Kelli Stevens.

This meeting presented the first office bearers of the club:

President Simon Moran

Treasurer Tim Young

Secretary Mike Hanson

The club slowly gained momentum through the efforts of these enthusiastic committee members placing flyers on car windows and through the Ford Forums that was on the Internet at the time.



With the club now established it debuted at All Ford Day in July 2000 at Peter Warren’s car dealership at Warwick Farm with total of 5 -6 cars a far cry from today’s attendance by the club. The club has attended every All Ford Day since and it is a major event on the club events calendar. The step up in popularity meant that meetings could not be held in car parks anymore and a decision was made to have formal office meetings with committee and members with the first being held at Castle Hill Tavern August 2000.

12th of September 2000 was a special meeting for the club as this was the meeting that the constitution for the club was presented and adopted by it’s members and signed off by then president Simon Moran. This allowed the club to affiliate with CAMS and the club could be involved in motorsport track days and the like and was huge step forward. The Tickford Owners Club name was officially registered.

The club was then recognised by Ford Australia and Tickford as their official club supporters group in NSW. This recognition allowed membership expansion due to Ford and Tickford advertising the club on their websites as their official club representatives.

Meetings eventually moved due to the increase in membership with a number of establishments welcoming the club. Some of the more fondly remembered places were North Rocks Tennis Club then Power Ford in Castle Hill who became long-term sponsors and provided a meeting place within the showroom of the dealership and Harry De-café at Liverpool Krispy Kremes.

The meetings now are termed social nights and are held at Crown on McCredie’s hotel at Guilford.

2001 saw a new president in Jeff Morgan and he was to stay in this position till late 2001 when work commitments forced him to move to Melbourne.

In 2001 the club made it’s debut under the club banner at the then Tickford Family day in Melbourne. Some members at the time had been to this event before but not under the official club banner. The club attended every year from then on until it’s last event in 2011which by then was called FPV Open Day. All these events were well attended with best show display won twice during that time with numerous individual winners also from the club.



The year marked the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Tickford Owners Club NSW and ushered in what would be a new era. The committee voted in at this first AGM 2002 was:

President Chris Patmore

Vice President Mark Whelan

Secretary Steve Lamb

Treasurer Simon Moran

Membership Kelli Stevens

Events Coordinator Nick Stetic

Promotions Ben Schibeci

Cams Delegate Kon Kabilafkas


This committee would help lift the club to new heights and guide the club through to a name change later that year.

2002 saw club membership pass the 100 paying members mark and this would top out at 350 in later years with membership being boosted by our affiliation with Power Ford and Brad Garlick Ford as club sponsors.

Sub committees located in the ACT (2002) and Newcastle NSW (2003) were formed. These sub committees were invaluable to spreading the word of the Tickford Owners Club NSW and would eventually form their own stand-alone clubs.

The club was accepted into the Combined Ford Club (CFC) as a full member which allowed the club to display out front of the All Ford Day and become part of the CFC organising committee in 2002.

October 2002 saw the club invited to display on the forecourt of the Sydney Convention Centre at the Sydney motor show and would do so until 2012 when the show was relocated due to upgrades to Darling Harbour.

In October 2002 it was announced by Ford that they were releasing the new BA range of Falcon. This also lead to a new arrangement that meant Tickford were taken over by Pro Drive and they would now be called Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) and produce the most iconic of Australian marquees. Namely the GT was back.

Ford Australia and Tickford held the club in such high esteem that they both sent representatives up from Melbourne to explain what was happening and asked the club to change it’s name to support their vision.

The club name changed to FPV-Tickford Club NSW in early 2003 allowing the club to continue into the future with whole new range of vehicles becoming eligible for membership and strengthening relationships with Ford Australia and FPV.

The club membership rose to 200 members in July 2003.



A new President in Graeme Baird was elected in 2004.

Club membership grew to 350 members in September 2004 and that same year the club registered it’s first club trophy for best display at the FPV open day in Melbourne. The club also registered its first club member concourse win at the All Ford Day that July.

The sub committees would leave and form their own clubs by end of 2004 and membership fell to 234 by June 2005. It would fall more after the club in conjunction with Power Ford decided not to sign up new members as new cars were purchased leaving real enthusiasts to join the club. At All Ford Day 2005 the club was proud to have a back to winner of the concourse category.



Membership in 2006 was down to approximately 100 and Paul Vaughn was elected president and he would remain president until he stepped down in 2015. It was 9 years of stability within the club and saw more wins by the club including the inaugural David Flint best display at the 2006 FPV Open Day with more individual wins at car shows such as concourse wins at All Ford Days.

The FPV Open Day event in February 2007 was in most club member’s opinions the best FPV Open Day display put on by the club with The Blue Christmas display but unfortunately the club did not get the nod that year. November 2007 FPV made an announcement that the open day for 2008 would not go ahead and later announced it would be a Bi-annual event. February 2011 was the last FPV Open Day event.

A new weekend and charity event was created to make up for the loss of the FPV open day in 2008 and that was a charity event at Sussex Inlet organised between the FPV-Tickford Club NSW and the RSL club at Sussex. This event still continues.

During 2012-2013 Ford Australia and FPV announced that their partnership would change with Ford taking over controlling interests and FPV’s would now be built on the Ford production line. The XR8 would be brought back on line and the GT and other FPV branded vehicles would cease production.

This announcement did not hinder the club but Ford Australia’s next announcement brought some angst within the committee and the club members. Ford Australia announced that it would cease all production within Australia in 2016. The committee and members kicked around new names for the club for a time but it was decided to run into the future with what they had.

The club continues and strives today.



A new club president in John Barbaro was elected with membership fluctuating over the years between 70 and 100 members.

The club continues to supply cars for display at various motorsport events including the Sydney V8 supercar round held at Homebush from 2006 until the round demise in 2016. The club also supplies cars for display at the Eastern Creeks Supercar round the Bathurst 12hr event.

From day one of the club’s formation it has been the clubs aim to foster an inclusive relationship with other car clubs and enthusiasts and provide a social environment for it’s members that is free of politics. It has an enviable relationship with car event coordinators not only because of the quality and range of modern vehicles it has within the club but also because of the easygoing attitude shown by its members.

The club has also over the years supplied cars for magazine photo shoots and television commercials.

October 2016 saw the last Ford Falcon roll off the production line and consigned to automotive history but the FPV-Tickford club NSW still continues as an outlet for enthusiasts and people who just want to socialise with like-minded people. The club continued on it’s winning ways taking out the Best Display at the 2016 All Ford Day.